MommiesFirst May 2013 (9 month old girl)


Hi fellow subscription box fanatics, I received my 1st MommiesFirst baby box.   MommiesFirst is a monthly subscription for expectant mommies, new mommies and babies.  They offer different boxes depending on which of these categories best suits you.  They currently ship boxes up to 12 months old but I understand they will be expanding to 18 months.  I sure do hope so.  The box costs $30/month with free shipping.  They offer 1 month Free with a 6 month membership and 2 months free with a 12 month membership.  I do have to say that MommiesFirst has the best customer service of any box I have dealt with so far.  Lorena was always quick to respond and very helpful.  This box was a gift for my daughter and her 6 month old girl (we sized up to 9 months).  She provided a ton of guidance during this process while I bought the gift for my daughter.

Here is what the box looks like.  My apologies for the second photo – the box came meticulously wrapped in tissue paper with a cute sticker holding it together.  Unfortunately, in our excitement to see what was inside the tissue got destroyed.  Rest assured the presentation was fabulous!



The first thing we saw when we opened the box was an envelope with my daughters name handwritten on it.  Since this was a gift for my daughter, I thought this was a nice touch.  Then when we opened the letter, there was a handwritten note to my daughter “Your mom was so excited to send you a box.  Hope you enjoy it :)”.  This was such a lovely, personal touch that already sets MommiesFirst apart from the rest of the baby boxes out there.  I sure do hope that, as they grow, they continue with this personal touch – it really does make you feel special.


Most subscription boxes send a card to tell you all about the products they sent but MommiesFirst has, hands down, the best presentation for this information.  They send a cute card for each product held together by a diaper pin.  How cute is that?


Ok, so now on to the items we received.  I used Amazon for retail pricing, when available.  If the item isn’t available on Amazon, I used the pricing from the company’s website.  I did not include shipping on any of these items though I am wondering if I should.  If I can’t find any website with free shipping then it would be more realistic to include shipping.  But, I realize, some people find free shipping deals, when offered, so I am not including this.

1.  Peek-A-Boo Happy Baby board book (Retail $6.29) – This is a very cute book and I always love getting books in subscription boxes.  I enjoy reading to our granddaughter and honestly think you can’t have enough quality books.


2.  $5 gift card to with no minimum purchase (Retail $5) – I will definitely check out this company and order some books!


3.  Cloud B Baby Rattle ($7.95) – This bunny is very cute and soft.  I confess, I love Cloud B products so, I was happy to see this in the box 🙂


4.  Munchkin Plug Covers (Retail $4.99) – While my granddaughter isn’t at the stage where we need these I am glad we received them.  I’ll put them away for when she is more mobile.


5.  Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky (Retail $4.99) – Not sure we really need this, I think we’re pretty good at judging the bath water temperature.  But I am curious to try it and see.  Either way, she can use it as a bath toy and my granddaughter loves ducks of any type.  She always get the biggest smile when she sees ducks.


6.  My true Nature 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash 1 ounce (Retail $1.87) – I always like getting organic bath products for my granddaughter but since I get several baby boxes, which all put these in their boxes, I find I have more body wash, shampoo etc. than I will ever use LOL.  I will put these aside as I am sure I won’t get monthly baby boxes every month and forever so eventually I will use them all.

7.  My True Nature Clio’s “Beary” Soft Lotion 1 ounce (Retail $1.49) – I am actually liking that this is a small sample size because it’s perfect for the diaper bag and I can easily refill it with some of the other natural baby lotions I have received.


8.  Weleda Refining Toner 3.4 ounces (Retail $11.99) – I love that the mommy item was full size!  Unfortunately, I got this in another box I subscribe to and also see a dermatologist only using products from her.  That said, this is a very high quality item and I’m sure most mommies would love to receive it.  I will likely give this to one of my daughters if I don’t sell/trade it on a few of the Facebook groups I belong to for subscription box trading.


9.  Baby Shower Greeting Card (Retail Value $2?) – They sent this very cute, high quality greeting card that would be best for a baby shower.  I will save this for future use.  I am not able to add a picture after the fact so I will post in a new post.  It is very cute and worthy of a post for sure 🙂

All in all we really loved this box!  The total retail value is $45.57.  While this isn’t the biggest value, with respect to baby boxes, all the items will be used.  Each product was high quality and will definitely be used.  I’d rather get a lower total value box that we will use then a high value box filled with items that will just collect dust!  It is definitely not as “boutique” as some of the other boxes I have received, i.e. Munchkin items which I can get at any Walmart, Target etc.  That said, I am not disappointed in getting these Munchkin items.  They are items we will use and I have always had good luck with their products.  I get other boxes that send more hard to find products that I have never heard about so it’s good to get these too.  Saves me a trip to the store either way.


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  1. Cute. I loved that they sent outlet covers. My son learned how to crawl so quickly I wasn’t prepared and this would have been great. I too, have found I have tons of lotion and baby wash. :/ While its awesome to try I haven’t been crazy about all the brands and have a few bottles I may never use but hate to throw away.

    The safety duck is cool. We had one with my oldest and it helped me when I had my surgery. My pain medication made it difficult to discern temperature and this was great. Mostly we just used it as a ducky 😉

    Most websites dont include shipping and just put a note the box value is such and such not including shipping items.

    • Thanks for the note. Wow how great you had the ducky when you needed it, that’s cool. So far, I’ve loved just about every body wash/shampoo I’ve received, but you can only use so much of that product. And since I get more than one baby box each month – that’s a lot of baths LOL. Also thanks for the info on shipping charges. I’ll continue to quote retail prices without the shipping and just make a note of it. Thanks again 🙂

  2. We LOVE MommiesFirst too – they are doing such a great thing for Moms and babes! Great review 🙂

    • Hands down one of my favorites and their customer service is out of this world! Please feel free to follow my blog to see upcoming reviews. Also MommiesFirst is going to be giving me a giveaway in June for followers. So excited for that 🙂

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