Tackle Grab Review & Upcoming Giveaway


Hi folks,

I was very excited to get a Tackle Grab box to review – perfect timing for Father’s Day.  I’m sure a lot on mom, wives, girlfriends etc. have men in their lives who love to fish.  Sometimes we just don’t know what to give the men in our lives for Father’s Day, birthdays or just because.  Read this review.  Maybe Tackle Grab is just the gift you were looking for.

As soon as I work out the details with Tackle Grab they will be providing me with a giveaway for my blog followers.  I am really hoping it comes before Father’s Day so someone can give this to the fisherman in their life!  Stay tuned, I will post the giveaway information as soon as I shipping information.

Tackle Grab sends out a box of custom baits every month based on the Angler Profile you complete.

They have the following memberships:

1 month $15, 3 months $42, 6 months $78 and 12 months $144

As if the boxes weren’t enough they also have a Tackle Grab rewards program.  They will be opening a Tackle Grab store soon and you’ll be able to use your earned points to purchase additional bait.  You are given $1 to spend for every 10 points.  And I am pleasantly surprised by how great their rewards program is!  Take a look and you’ll see it is very easy to get a large credit to spend in their store.  

    • Sign up for a Tackle Grab membership — you earn:
      • 150 Points for a Monthly Subscription.
      • 250 Points for a 3-Month Subscription.
      • 500 Points for a 6-Month Subscription.
      • 1,000 Points for a Yearly subscription.
    • Monthly Loyalty Points:
      • 75 Points for a Monthly Subscription.
      • 100 Points for a 3-Month Subscription.
      • 125 Points for a 6-Month Subscription.
      • 150 Points for a Yearly subscription.
    • Shopping — every time you purchase a full-size product from the (soon to launch) Tackle Grab Store or a gift membership, you earn 1 point for every $1 spent.
    • Refer friends — earn:
      • 75 Points for every friend that signs up for a Monthly Subscription.
      • 100 Points for every friend that signs up for a 3-Month Subscription.
      • 250 Points for every friend that signs up for a 6-Month Subscription.
      • 500 Points for every friend that signs up for a Yearly subscription.
    • Tackle Grab as a Gift – both giver and receiver earn:
      • 200 Points for a Monthly Gift Subscription
      • 300 Points for a 3-Month Gift Subscription.
      • 500 Points for a 6-Month Gift Subscription.
      • 1,000 Points for a Yearly Gift Subscription. 
    • Fill out product feedback surveys — Tackle Grab members earn 50 points for each completed product feedback survey (look for the feedback icon on every product detail page). Only products sampled through Tackle Grab are eligible for feedback points. 

Ok now on to the box 🙂  For now I am going to list the items, Retail price and where to find them.  My dad is going to be my guinea pig and I will update my blog as he tries each items and provides feedback.

The box isn’t the most fancy one out there was my 1st reaction.  But, then, I had to take a step back and think about the audience for this box – MEN!  They need a manly box so this box meets their expectations.  I had to stop thinking like a woman for a little while 😉




1.  Revolution Crankbait, Blue Back Herring (Retail $9.99) 



2.  Fishbelly Helix Ninja (Retail $11.99) 



3.  Gambler Go Fish (Retail $5.00)



4.  Jack Hooks, 3 pack (Retail $6.99) – Even though I am not a serious fisher like my dad, these look cool.  You don’t have to tie any knots with these hooks.  Interesting.



5.  Set The Hook, 3 pack (Retail $1.80)




So, at first glance, I am VERY impressed with this box.  Just the products in the box are worth well over the price of the subscription.  In addition their rewards program is fantastic.  They’ll be launching their store soon but you do start earning reward points right away.  They’ll be loaded into your account until they open the store.

I can’t wait to get my dads feedback.  As much as he loves fishing he’ll be like a kid on Christmas morning with this box!

The total Retail Value of the bait items is $35.77.  In addition the minimum you earn each month in Tackle Grab rewards is $7.50 (If you sign up month to month you get 75 points each month which equals $7.50 in TG bucks to spend in their store).  If  you sign up for longer subscriptions, refer friends, review products etc. you can earn even more TG money to spend (see above for the explanation of their rewards program).


There were 2 additional items in the box which I didn’t use toward the retail value:

20% off coupon at Brewsees.com – Do you have a man in your life that likes beer and wearing shades?  Then Brewsees products may make a unique gift.  Check them out, they have a pretty cool idea! 



NakedWines.Com $50 Gift Card.  – The minimum purchase is $51 and there is a $9.99 shipping charge but still a great deal. You can get $51 worth of wine for $10.99.  A good deal in my book.  Unfortunately my state doesn’t allow alcohol to ship to residences so I will be giving this away.






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