Bluum May 2013 – 9 month old girl


This was my first Bluum box and given the shipping delay and inability of customer service to tell us what was going on, this will be my last box too.  I will likely give them another try in a  few months to see if they got their act together.  They have a monthly theme and ours this month was Let’s Practice Standing.


On to the products inside:

Plum Organics Happy Munchies Rice Cakes (Retail $2.99)


Weleda Diaper Cream 2.8 ounces (Retail $10.20)


Child’s Play Mulberry Bush CD (Retail $5?)  I only found this as a book/CD combo so estimated Retail.


Little Learners Snuggle Bunny Book and stuffed animal (Retail $11.18)


Dream Baby Bath Thermometer (Retail $3.99)


Baby Bug Magazine/Book (Retail $3.77)


Parragon Books Brochure – very cute, tells benefits of reading a variety of books/stories to your little one.  Gave no retail value because I couldn’t find it and guessing you can get the brochure from the company for free.


Happy Family Coupons


And the mommy item was 2 7th Heaven single use face masks. (Retail $6)


Total value was $39.14 so worth it.  Like I said above, I’ll give them another when they get better at both shipping and customer service.


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  1. Bluum has had a terrible few months. I only signed up for one box that was a complete disappointment . Later on today I will post my Bluum review for a 4 month old and their make up box to me.

    • Yeah I thought the same thing. Of course as soon as they revealed the theme in advance of shipping I wondered how’d they’d possibly embody the “Practice Standing” theme. A poor theme choice in my mind, at least for subscription boxes.

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