Plated UPDATE – Taste Test & CODE for 2 FREE PLATES


Earlier today I provided my initial unboxing thoughts on the 2 ready to prepare gourmet meals I received from Plated.  You can see that review here: Initial Plated UnBoxing Review

Interested in trying Plated?  Use this link to get 2 FREE PLATES :

** UPDATE **  If you’re interested in trying Plated, sign up on their website (100% FREE).  You will get a notification when they begin delivering to where you live/work.  There is absolutely no obligation.  It’s simply a way for them to notify you when you would be able to purchase from them.
** Please note they currently only ship to the Eastern US but are expanding throughout this year.  You can enter your zip code in their website to see if they service your area yet.
To recap Plated is a service that sends you weekly or monthly gourmet meals ready for you to prepare.  They ship overnight in a chilled package so all the perishables remain fresh.  They ship you, pretty much, everything except water, salt & pepper and olive oil. Everything else, yes EVERYTHING, comes in your box.  All ingredients are pre-measured so all you do is add them to your pot/pan.  Additionally all the ingredients are fresh with many of them organic.

Here’s the outside of the box as shipped.  I included a 22oz candle so you can see how HUGE this box is.


Here’s the recipe card both front and back:



And as seen in my previous post (linked above) here are the ingredients needed to make this delicious meal:


Here is our final product.  This made enough for 3 MEALS EASILY.  I will admit that we aren’t big eaters, probably eat typical portion sizes.  This would be 2 meals for hardy eaters but, for us, we have enough for another meal as a leftover.  This makes me happy because it was VERY YUMMY.  Now our only problem is deciding who gets the leftovers ;).  Something we haven’t really worried too much about in the past.


And here are our leftovers put away for tomorrow 🙂


I always thought of fennel as a herb but not to be used as a vegetable.  I commented to my hubby how cool it is to try fennel that way because I’d never go to the store and buy fennel unless I had a special recipe calling for it.  He had to look at me with a grin and say “Yeah but since you don’t go to the grocery store, it’s even better”.  Ok, I admit it I don’t frequent grocery stores – though I did readily admit that in my 1st post (Click here for my initial unboxing)

How do I put into words how great this company is?  Answer is I can’t but let me try:  I, no WE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PLATED!  


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  1. OMG I am so glad you shared this! I can’t wait for them to start shipping to those of us in the Midwest! Have you heard of Orange Glad? They’re a new box for desserts and convections. Would probably go great after your awesome meal! I’ve got some info and coupon code if you’re interested!

    • I can’t wait too. They don’t ship to me yet either, though they will be within weeks I’m told. I’m bummed because we really want to sign up for their service now! I have a box from Orange Glad coming in July. They ship the 1st and I didn’t make the June cutoff. What gourmet meal is complete without dessert?

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