Plated – Update – Discount Code & notification of delivery to your area








** UPDATE **  I was remiss when I did my review and forgot to inform you of a wonderful program Plated runs.  Plated donates a pound of food to a local food bank for every week you subscribe!  You get to enjoy amazing home-cooked, gourmet meals while also helping others.  Win-Win!

 A few days ago, I posted two reviews of Plated, an unboxing and a taste test of our first recipe.  You can probably tell from my reviews that me and my hubby are in LOVE with Plated and can’t wait to get more.  Unfortunately, like a lot of you who have contacted me, Plated doesn’t delivery to my area yet.  For what it’s worth I did try to convince them to let me continue reviewing their boxes and would gladly pay to do so.  They decided they want to wait until they are fully rolled out in my area.  I absolutely respect that.  A lot of new subscription box companies grow too fast out of the gate and their customer service doesn’t keep up.  This can lead to unsatisfied customers, a kiss of death for any company.

So, you read my reviews and, you want to try Plated, right?

If you’re in their delivery area go to this link and you’ll get 2 FREE PLATES!

If you’re not in their delivery area yet, simply go to their website and sign up to be notified when you are.  You will get a notification when Plated starts delivering to your area.  It’s 100% FREE to sign up on their website with absolutely no obligation.  It’s simply a way for them to notify you when you’re able to purchase from them.



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