MistoBox UPDATE – Taste Test


I had the pleasure to receive a complementary box from MistoBox.  MistoBox is a monthly coffee subscription service.  They taste and evaluate more than 50 coffees every month from different artisan roasters across the country. They then hand select 4 of the most delicious and unique single origin coffees to send you. You’ll never get the same coffee twice, so every box will bring new, interesting flavor profiles.  They have 2 monthly options, their “Awesome” box which sends (4) 1.7 ounce bags of coffee beans and their “More Awesome” box which sends (4) 3.4 ounce bags of coffee beans.  Monthly costs are $15 and $30 respectively.  Right now, you can get your 1st “Awesome” box for only $5 and your 1st “More Awesome” box for only $10.  For the purpose of this review I received their “Awesome” size.

** I’m working with MistoBox to get a discount code and giveaway for my loyal fans.  As soon as the details are worked out I will post everything you need to know.

I did my initial unboxing review of MistoBox on May 28th (see unboxing review here).  I’ve now had the opportunity to taste the 4 different coffees in my box.


The first coffee I tried was the Ethiopia Agaro Jimma from Case Coffee Roasters in Ashland, Oregon. This is the African coffee described on the card sent.


The process in which this coffee is made is “fully washed”. The variety is Heirloom, and the elevation is 1900-2100 meters. Tasting notes are Raspberry, Peach Delicate. I love reading all the notes about each coffee, where it came from and tasting notes.  I had a hard time tasting the actual flavors noted on each coffee.  It must be like fine wines.  Wine connoisseurs will often taste notes of nuts, berries and figs.  Huh?  Tastes like wine to me.  I LOVE coffee especially great coffee but I guess I am not a connoisseur since I couldn’t taste these notes 😉

Here is what the card said about this coffee:

This washed coffee from the well-known coffee growing town of Agaro is more sweet, delicate and clean than most dry process coffees typical of the region. The dry aroma is full of apricot and honey sweetness. Berry and Peach notes burst out of the cup and as it cools, a nice floral and bergamot note emerge.”

I loved what another blogger said about this coffee in that is’s a combination of coffee and tea.  Yeah, that sums it up best.  It was a little too light for my taste but still a great coffee!  I did find when I used my french press the coffee was stronger and more to my liking 🙂


The next coffee is Finca Buena Vista from Water Avenue Coffee Company in Portland Oregon and is the the “Central America” coffee from the back of the card.


This coffees origin is Santa Ana, Apaneca Llamatepec, El Salvador. The process in which this coffee is made is “fully washed”. The variety is 100% Bourbon and the elevation is 1,250-1,450 meters. Tasting notes are Tangerine, Honey, Refined.

Here are the card notes:

This coffee comes from the El Cachillo mountain in the Apaneca Llamatepec mountain range, known for producing coffees of the highest caliber. This farm is planted with only the bourbon variety. Bright, tart acidity of pomegranates and tangerines are met with distinct honeyed sweetness and a clean finish.” 

To me this one is also a tea/coffee combination in that is is a very light taste.  I like dark coffees but found the taste of this one very pleasing.  I know someone who likes a lighter roast would really enjoy this one.  As with the above coffee it was more to my liking when I used the french press which tends to brew a bolder tasting coffee 🙂


Next taste is San Agustin from Elemental Coffee in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! The origin of this coffee is Los Naranjos, Columbia.  This is the coffee from “South America” on the card.


The variety is Cuturra, Typica, Bourbon and Castillo. Elevation is 1,350-1,900 meters. Tasting notes are Papaya Molasses Complex.

Here is what the information card says about this coffee:

A group of 50 producers join together to make up this lot of Los Naranjos San Agustin. These farms are planted with caturra, typica, bourbon, and castillo varieties to make this lot. 

** This was my FAVORITE COFFEE in the box!  This had such a warm, nutty maybe even hazelnut smell to it.  It was as good to smell as it was to taste.  I had this coffee this morning and as I was typing this review one of my dogs banged up against our coffee table and spilled my coffee.  I was not happy.  I got mad and scolded poor Peanut ;(.  I understand she was just playing with our foster puppy Simon and didn’t mean to spill my dark brown liquid gold.  Still, it is my favorite of all 4 coffees so, I am still not a happy camper.  I need to finish this review but, as soon as I do, I’ll be making myself another cup of this amazing coffee.


The last coffee was Toraco Station by OQ Coffee Co. in Highland Park, New Jersey. This coffees origin is Tana Toraja, Sulawesi and is the Asia/Pacific coffee the card talks about.


The process, like the rest, is “fully washed”. The variety is S795 (Typica Hybrid), and the elevation is 1,600-1,800 meters. Tasting notes are Floral Aroma, Warm Spices Nuanced.

Here is what the card says about this one:

While this stellar Sulawesi has certain traits in common with Latin American coffees due to its washed processing, it still remains a typical Indonesian vibe. Aromatic notes of flowers, pine and juniper are balanced by its textured body, followed with spicy sweetness of cloves and coriander that come to dominate the cup as it cools.” 

The last coffee was my least favorite.  It had a strong, acidic after taste.  I actually didn’t finish the coffee.  I know this company does thorough taste testing of each coffee before including in in their boxes.  The fact that I did not like this coffee at all just demonstrates the variety of taste buds out there.


All in all I had a GREAT TIME exploring coffees from around the world.  It was fun to taste each one and compare it to the notes on the bag.  I have learned that, even though I LOVE fine coffee, I have a long way to go before I can be called a connoisseur ;).  Considering the amount of money I spend each week on plain, normal coffee I love the idea of getting MistoBox in the mail.  MistoBox gives people a chance to try coffees they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.  Have a coffee lover in your life?  This would make the perfect gift for any occasion.  Are you a coffee lover?  It would make the perfect gift for yourself ;).  We all deserve a little treat after all!

Phew, the review is complete – I can now make that next cup of San Agustin.  I’m still upset that my rambunctious puppy spilled my 1st cup but now that I was able to make another one I’m good.  Don’t get between me and my cofee 😉

Even though I did receive this free trial box from Bike Loot, my opinions are not influenced by the free products and I would never recommend anything to anyone that I would not, myself, use or that I felt was not worth spending your money on.


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