Plated – 2nd Taste Test Review & Discount Code!


** UPDATE **  I was remiss when I did my review and forgot to inform you of a wonderful program Plated runs.  Plated donates a pound of food to a local food bank for every week you subscribe!  You get to enjoy amazing home-cooked, gourmet meals while also helping others.  Win-Win!

Hi everyone it’s been a very busy week so we didn’t get a chance to try out the 2nd recipe Plated sent us until last night.  Believe me, it was worth the wait.

Interested in trying Plated?  Use this link to get 2 FREE PLATES :

Plated currently ships primarily to the northeastern US but is expanding to the entire country.  If you’re interested in trying Plated, and are not in their delivery area, sign up on their website (100% FREE).  You will get a notification when they begin delivering to where you live/work.  There is absolutely no obligation.  It’s simply a way for them to notify you when you would be able to purchase from them.
If you missed my original unboxing of Plated you can find it here: Plated unboxing
You can also see my 1st taste test review of the Braised Chicken with Cardamon, Fennel and Orange over Pappardelle by clicking here:  1st taste test
When I signed up to do a review Plated asked me to pick one of the meals from there menu (menu changes each week).  I selected the chicken recipe noted above.  I was pleasantly surprised that they shipped me a 2nd meal to try which was Spice Rubbed Steak with Baby Carrots and Israeli Couscous.   This isn’t a meal I would ordinarily choose because my husband isn’t into spicy foods. But it was easy to modify the amount of spice used to suit him better.  I hope you will read my previous posts on Plated because both me and my hubby are absolutely IN LOVE WITH PLATED!  I am sure you will be equally wow’d.  Unfortunately they don’t ship to us yet but should within a very short time.  Believe me, when they do, we will be loyal customers.
In my previous posts I mentioned several things we love about Plated:
**  Fresh ingredients, a lot of which are organic.
**  Menu changes weekly so no boredom.
**  No trips to the grocery store!
**  Minimal chopping, dicing and NO measuring.
**  Very little cleanup.
After trying the 2nd recipe a few more benefits came to me:
**  First, Plated has the recipes planned out to the minute.  One of the things I struggle when cooking a meal is planning when to start each phase so the meal is all done at the same time.  Timing is everything so nothing is left to cool while the rest is still cooking.  If you follow their easy, step by step by, directions everything is done as the same time.  Love that!
**  Second, Plated gives us an opportunity to learn new cooking techniques and try new foods or old foods in a new way.  For example, this recipe had baby carrots tossed in butter, cumin and honey then baked.  I used 1/2 the cumin for my hubby’s taste.  When I 1st saw the honey they sent my initial reaction was “Is that all?”.  The honey package was smaller than the dipping sauces McDonald’s has – with this as my example it’s clear I’m not a gourmet cook 😉  I even commented that I wish I had more to put in the carrots.  I learned to TRUST PLATED.  The carrots had the perfect amount of sweetness mixed with the cumin spice.  I am glad I didn’t have honey in our pantry because they would have been too sweet.
So now to the taste test.  What can I say?  Yummmmmmmmmmm.
But since I am sure my readers want a little more information than Yum, I’ll elaborate 🙂
As a reminder here is what the box looks like.  The candle is in there so you can see how HUGE this box is.  Both recipes are separately packed inside the box so you can easily make each meal without having to search for ingredients.  Plated ships overnight and it’s well chilled with ice packs so all perishables remain fresh.
Here is the recipe card and ingredients.  Check out those fresh carrots!  No bagged pre cut carrots with Plated.  No, every single ingredient is FRESH!
This recipe was, just like the last one, AMAZING!  And again we had enough for leftovers. Plated definitely does not skimp on serving sizes.  The carrots and couscous could easily serve 4 people. They sent 1 pound of steak, no doubt enough for two people.
Here is what our two plates looked like.  Not quite as artistic as the one on the recipe card but we’re not chefs, or even cooks 😉
This is a close up of one of the plates.  Quite nice looking if I do say so myself :).
My hubby isn’t into cumin but he really enjoyed these carrots!   I think we have found something new to try next Thanksgiving.  For this non-cook I love Thanksgiving and throughly enjoy every minute spent cooking and eating the meal.  I prepare baby carrots every year in a brown sugar glaze. Next year I’ll be trying this carrot recipe.  It was so delicious.  I used 1/2 the cumin but if you like spice, go for the gusto!
I am not a fan of red meat but I really enjoyed this because I love cumin.  Reducing the amount of spice I used must have worked for my hubby because he enjoyed his steak too. Probably wouldn’t prepare that again given his taste preference but he liked it!
The last food in the meal was couscous which can have a bland taste depending on how it’s prepared.  This recipe called for mixing with 1 tsp of olive oil and salt to taste, that’s it.  I was pretty skeptical because I’d prefer to cook couscous with spices.  Well, just like I mentioned above, I need to TRUST PLATED.  It was delicious.  The olive oil added a great flavor and it’s a good fat.  Win-Win.  I think my hubby would have prepared it with something else mixed in like garlic but couscous isn’t really his thing.  He liked it and ate it but if I was preparing it again I’d mix up a small batch flavored for him.
Once again Plated hit a home run with this family.  The meal was super easy to make and delicious.  What is not to LOVE about that combination?
There is no doubt in my mind that we will be Plated customers the day they roll it out in our area (It’s getting close as they already ship to other parts of our state).
Even though I did receive this free trial box from Plated, my opinions are not influenced by the free products and I would never recommend anything to anyone that I would not, myself, use or that I felt was not worth spending your money on.

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    • Wow that’s great! I’m certain you will be as impressed as we were. So what do you get to do as part of a Beta? Do you get to try it on an ongoing basis to review and provide feedback? If so you’re so lucky! ;). I think they’ll be delivering to me very soon. They already do to other parts of my state. Can’t wait!!

      • They’re going to ship out a couple plates for us to try with my order and obviously, they’re going to be abe to ship to me since we’re in the beta! I’d love to do it on an ongoing basis, but for now we’ll just have to wait and see!

      • Darn you’re so lucky. I want to be a customer but I can’t right now :(. But since they deliver to a big portion of my state already I don’t think it will be long! I can’t wait to read your reviews, I’ll live vicariously through you 😉

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