Chefday! Unboxing & Discount Code


I was lucky to get the chance to receive 2 ready to prepare gourmet meals from Chefday! for the purpose of a review.  I’m posting an unboxing now and, as we try each recipe, I’ll post a taste test review.

Chefday! currently delivers to 19 states (in their entirety) : CT, DC, DE, IL, IN, KY,MA, ME, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, TN, VA, VT, WV.  They also deliver to some parts of these states: AL, AR, GA, IA, MI, MO, MS, NC, SC, WI.  You can check to see if they deliver to you on their website.  If they don’t deliver to your area yet you can sign up for a free, no obligation account and they will notify you when they do.  This is in NO way signing you up for service.  It is simply a way for them to notify you when they expand to your area.

What is Chefday! you’re asking?  Chefday! delivers short, easy, ready to prepare gourmet meals requiring few utensils.  They make sure that everyone can make them.  All of their ingredients are 100% organic.  Their menu changes weekly and will likely feature dairy-free, gluten-free and/or vegetarian recipes.  Everything is pre-measured even salt and olive oil.  In addition a family in need will also be enjoying a hearty dinner. Every time you cook with Chefday!, they donate a full meal to the Food Bank for NYC.  (*** I want to be fair to each and every company I review.  So, I need to tell you that I forgot to include information about a similar program run by the previous ready to prepare gourmet meal service I reviewed last week.  They donate a pound of food to a local food bank for every week you subscribe).

*** Want to try Chefday! and receive 25% off your 1st order?  Simply use this link to place your order and you will receive 25% off!.  CLICK HERE TO SAVE 25% OFF YOUR 1ST CHEFDAY! ORDER.

Ok, now, the good stuff 🙂

Here is what the box looked like when we received it.  I am including the 22oz candle so you can see how HUGE this box is.


This is well packaged with plenty of ice packs to keep the perishables fresh.


Here are the 2 recipe cards.  The front features a photo of the meal along with time needed to prepare and calorie information.  The back offers detailed, step by step instructions.  We’ll be making Bombolotti Alla Gricia & Pan Seared Chicken Breast… Yumm 🙂  You can see the full recipe here:





The ingredients needed for each meal are packaged separately making preparation easier as you don’t need to search for all the ingredients.

Here is the bag and ingredients for the Bombolotti Alla Gricia.  We spent several weeks in Italy last year and I don’t recall trying Gricia, though I read it’s a very popular meat there and considered a delicacy.  Italians have a variety of meats offered at every meal including breakfast.  Perhaps I have had it without realizing it was Gricia.  I’m a little disappointed that this recipe didn’t include fresh pasta and hoping they introduce it into their meals in the future.  I do like that even the olive oil came in the box though I certainly don’t mind having to measure out that.  It’s nice not to have to measure anything!



And here is the bag and ingredients to prepare the Pan Seared Chicken Breast.  Everything looks wonderful and fresh.  I wish the carrots still had the tops.  I know that would mean just one more thing to chop but I think the look of the full carrots adds a nice touch and screams fresh.  I love that even the salt and pepper are included.  There’s absolutely nothing to measure with Chefday! 



After this unboxing, I am definitely loving Chefday!.  I didn’t get “hit” with the same aroma when I opened the box as my previous ready to prepare gourmet meal review.  I am not certain if it’s just the way it’s packaged.  I’ll definitely let you know how it all tastes :).  I like that all ingredients are 100% organic and that there are options for those following dairy-fee, gluten-free and/or vegetarian diets.   I also think having every ingredient needed, right down to salt, pepper and olive oil, is a great touch.  There’s no measuring needed for Chefday!

If this tastes as good as it looks we will definitely be customers!  My hubby has fairly finicky taste buds, he doesn’t like anything spicy or with fish/seafood.  It will be nice to have Chefday! to order from.  We will, absolutely, be able to get enough meals delivered that will pass the hubby test ;).

Even though I did receive this free trial box from Chefday!my opinions are not influenced by the free products and I would never recommend anything to anyone that I would not, myself, use or that I felt was not worth spending your money on.


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