Citrus Lane June 2013 & Discount Code


I just got my June 2013 Citrus Lane box which was for a 9-month old girl.  My 1st ever Citrus Lane box was last month.  The May 2013 box was ok.  Not great, not horrible, just ok.  I decided to give them another try because I had $10 from a referral credit.  So this box only cost me $15.

Citrus Lane is a subscription box company sending you items for newborn – 5 years old.  They cost $25/month with free shipping.  The price is reduced to $21/month with a 6-month subscription.

Here is what the box looked like.  Honestly the 1st thing I thought of when I picked it up was “Wow, this is very small and very light”.  It was definitely smaller than the May 2013 box and smaller than most reviews I have seen for other months.  But I reserved judgement because there are a lot of light, high-quality baby items I’d be thrilled to receive.  I included the 22 ounce candle so you can gauge the size of the box.


Here are the 1t look pictures:


Here is the information card that comes with each of their boxes.  It has a picture of each item and a description.  I will go into each item in more detail.  I have used Amazon pricing for all items except when not available on Amazon.


1.  iPlay Sun Protection Hat (Retail $12.99)  This is my favorite item in the box.  It really is cute and rated to SPF50.  I haven’t had the chance to try it on my granddaughter yet but it does look big.  Of course my granddaughter is 7-months and the hat is up to 18-months so I understand that.  But even if she were 9-months like the box I ordered I think it would be big.  O-well, I can save it for next year.

IMG_35632.  Haba Water Toy Set (Retail $ 10.00) My 1st thought when I saw the little (iphone size) toy boat was Dollar Store!  It’s teeny which I guess is good for small hands.  I know Haba is supposed to be a very high quality toy company.  But to be honest I can’t tell any difference between this and something similar at the Dollar Store.  Maybe Haba would last longer but if I get it at my Dollar Store and it only lasts 2 years no biggie.  I’d just buy another one for a buck.  I also got a small dolphin squirt toy.  My granddaughter does love bath squirt toys so I will gladly use this.  What disappoints me most about this “set” is the picture on the Citrus Lane card shows 5 items in the set and we only got 2.  Haba does sell this as a kit, not individually.  When I figured out the retail value for my review I approximated based on the full set price.  The card does not state that we are only getting a few from the set.  I did email Citrus Lane to see when I can get the other 3 items.  I am not holding my breath ;).

IMG_3568 IMG_3566

3.  Happy Family Stage 2 Homestyle Meals (Retail $ 1.34)  I do like these food pouches so I will put it in my pantry.  I was a little disappointed not to receive any Happy Family coupons.  Normally Citrus Lane sends coupons for their food pouches.  No biggie was just hoping to get some.


4.  Episencial Sunscreen (Retail $4.44)  There has been a lot of discussion on social media about the sunscreen in the June box.  That is because the bottle is labeled 2.7 ounces but there is a Citrus Lane sticker over it saying 1.5 ounces.  Citrus Lane came out with a post about it.  They said the plan all along was to have Episencial produce a “special” trial size bottle just for Citrus Lane at 1.5 ounces.  They then said that Episencial had sunscreen tubes left over after they changed their packaging and that they, and Episencial, decided it was best for the environment to print a sticker to put over the size rather than make new bottles.  Personally, I am not buying that explanation especially since it took them quite some time to come out with it.  I do think that Episencial had all those left over tubes and made Citrus Lane an offer they couldn’t refuse (free or nearly free) to put them in their box.  I am not as upset as a lot of people are about this – I guess business is business.  But I DON’T like that Citrus Lane planned, from the beginning, to supply customers with a travel size.  They said they wanted to provide a travel size that easily fits in a diaper bag, purse etc.  I don’t know about anyone else but the 2.7 ounce tube we got is just right for putting in those things when we are on the go.  So they should have filled the tubes – plain & simple!


The total retail value of this box was $28.77.  At face value was it worth the $15 I paid for it, or even the $25 normal price?  Yes.  But after you consider the 2 “Dollar Store” like items I do not think it was worth it.  To add salt to my wounds the iPlay hats went up for sale on MamaBargains today for less than $6! Arghhhh.

I will likely keep looking at monthly reviews others do of Citrus Lane and give them another chance in the future depending on what I see.

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  1. At least we all seemed to get the same box for the younger kids. It really was disappointing. I can not believe my older child’s box was so much better. I hope the quality goes back up. We have been with them for a year now.

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