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LaLaaLu code to save $ on 1st box!


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LaLaaLu May 2013 (9 month old girl)


Hi all,

This is my 2nd box from LaLaaLu since signing up (actually I got my 1st box and the free bonus box for signing up for a 6 month subscription so, technically, it’s my 3rd box).

I signed up for a 6 month subscription and so glad I did.  In love so far.  They recently made a change from a surprise monthly box to offering a selection of 6 different boxes each month, and you can see the contents ahead of time.   I will stick with them even when my subscription is through.

If you’d like to save money on your 1st box, use this link.  They don’t have typically referral links to paste so I sent this to my email and pasted from there.  If that doesn’t work send me an email to

You have been invited to join by Beckie Brown

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Accept Invitation!


So here is what I got:

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35 4 ounces (Retail $14.99)


Urban Babies Wear Black board book (Retail $6.25)


Early Lingo Spanish teaching DVD – (Retail $19.99)


Plum Organics Little Yums Spinach Apple Kale Teething Wafers (Retail $3.99) – Tried these and my granddaughter really likes them – will buy more.


Plum Organics Greek Yogurt Pouches (Retail $3.13)


Bathtime Top to Toe Body Wash, 8 ounces (Retail $12.50)



$25 Gift card to Zeel Massage, which is only in New York City (where LaLaaLu is from)

Total Retail $60.85!  So far LaLaaLu offers the most value of any of the baby boxes I have received.  Granted the DVD was the bulk of Value at $19.99 but even without that it’s a great value.  I will definitely try the DVD.  I also loved being introduced to the teething wafers so, all together, I am VERY happy with the May LaLaaLu Box!

LaLaaLu Bonus Super Box


I signed up for a 6-month subscription for LaLaaLu (0-12 month age group) and received this bonus box as a free gift for signing up.  I paid $140 for 6-months of LaLaaLu, after using a discount code I found.  That works out to approx. $23/month.  Te retail value of my 1st box and this bonus box combined is more than the total price I paid for all 6 months!  What a great value.  In addition, all the items they sent will be used.

Interested in signing up for LaLaaLu?  Use my referral code to save 10%: BECKIEBROWN4LLL


Here is what I received in my bonus box.  The retail values listed are all from Amazon if I could find them there.  If the products are not available on Amazon I used the retail listed on the companies web-site.

Nurturme Dried Organic Babyfood, 5 .46 ounce servings (Retail $6.25)

Oogaa Baby Silicone Spoon (Retail $5.99)

Dapple Dish Liquid, 3 ounces (Retail $1.06)

Camilia Teething Relief, 15 doses (Retail $5.32)

TruKid Bubbly Body Wash, 8 ounces (Retail $8.99) – I have already tried this and loved it.  So many bubbles for such a little liquid used.  Will buy this after I’m finished this bottle.

Green Sprouts Organic Diaper Balm, .49 ounces (Retail $9.00)

Babo Oatmilk Calendula Shampoo & Wash, 8 ounces (Retail $12.53)

Squip Baby NasaKleen (Retail $10.56) – My granddaughter hates the bulb nasal aspirators so I’m looking forward to trying this next time she has a cold.

Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets, 135 tablets (Retail $8.50)

Baby Mantra Shampoo & Body Wash, 8 ounces (Retail $10.36)

Aloevive Healthy Baby Gel, 1.7 ounces (Retail $12) – I used this after her last bath and LOVE this product.  Smells so nice, goes on smooth and makes her skin so soft.  Will be buying more with the coupon they sent.

Lalabee Baby Bottom Balm, .7 ounces (Retail $3.49)

Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food, 4 pouches (Retail $9.59)

Plum Organics Baby Food, 3 pouches (Retail $ 4.18)

Putumayo Kids CD Sampler, 8 song sample (Not included in retail of box)

Honest Company Hand Sanitizer, 2 ounces (Retail $1.74)

*** Total retail value of my FREE, Bonus box = $109.56.  What an amazing value!  This combined with my May box more than pays for the cost of my entire 6-month subscription.  And all the products I received will most definitely be used. I loved my LaLaaLu boxes so far.

Coupons I received which are not part of box retail value:

Nurturme $0.25 Coupon – 6/30/13

Plum Organics $0.50 Coupon – 7/1/13

Aloevive Coupon 1 Free Product w/ Purchase of 3 – no expiration date

Aloevive 10% off Coupon – no expiration date

Honest Company 25% off Coupon – 8/31/13

Camilia $1 off Coupon – 12/31/13

Ella’s Kitchen $1 off Coupon – 6/30/13

Ella’s Kitchen $0.55 off Coupon – 6/30/13

LaLaaLu – May 2013


I just signed up for my 1st LaLaaLu box which is a monthly subscription service sending products curated by their team of families.  Products are focused on ages 0-12 months, 1-3 years and 4-6 years.  They also include an item for mommy.  I opted to sign up for a 6-month membership so I got a bonus “Super Box” for free.  I will review that separately.

Interested in signing up for LaLaaLu?  Use my referral code to save 10%: BECKIEBROWN4LLL


Ok, on to the good stuff.  Here is what I got in my May 2013 LaLaaLu Box.  For retail prices, I used Amazon when I could find it on there.  If not, I used pricing from the companies web-site.

First thing is not in the photo because they were so yummy I already ate them ;).  LaLaaLu sent 2 sample size bags of Bitsy’s Brain Food Zucchini, Gingerbread, Carrot.   (Not included in retail of box)

Dr. Robin Sunscreen, 3.5 ounces (Retail $22.99) – This item is just in time for summer.  I have wanted a all natural sunscreen for my granddaughter so exited to try this!

Endangered Species 3D Bath Puzzle (Retail $4.99) – A great product though a little old for my granddaughter.  I will save this for later.

Bitsy’s Orange, Chocolate, Beet snacks – 2 boxes, 2.125 ounces each (Retail $ 4.78) – I am sure these will be as yummy as the snacks I already ate.

mOmma Fork (Retail $4.97) – Love the design of this that it is easy for little hands, and is like a weeble-wobble and rocks but doesn’t fall over.  The handle is also extendable to grow with my granddaughter.

Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath (Retail $13.51) – I want to use all-natural bath products with my granddaughter as much as possible so looking forward to trying this out.

Weleda Refining Toner (Retail $ 14.06) – This is the mommy item in May’s box and I was thrilled to receive a full size product!

Weleda Baby Calendula Diaper Cream .08 ounce sample  (Not included in retail of box)

Coupons not included in retail of box – Weleda $1 off coupon expires 2/8/15

So, the total retail of my May box is $65.30.  I pai around $23/month after using a discount code I found on-line.  I am very impressed with my 1st LaLaaLu box.  It is a great value and I will absolutely use every product they sent.  Great job, LaLaaLu!