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Nature Box – May 2013


NatureBox is a monthly subscription of 5-20 full size packages of healthy snacks.  I signed up for the Deluxe Package which consists of 5 full-size bags, approximately 15-20 servings.  I used a referral code which gave me $10 off my 1st box.  If you’d like to get $10 off your 1st box, use my referral link here:  My first box was selected by NatureBox but their new feature allows me to customize my monthly box, choosing all 5 items from a large variety on their site.  I love this feature so I can select snacks for our whole family 🙂  Here is what I received in this months box:


Italian Bistro Pretzels (4.5) 9-piece servings – Enjoy all the flavors of your favorite pizzeria breadsticks without the greasy mess or take-out bill. When nothing but a crunchy, zesty snack will do, these Bistro Pretzels hit the spot! —- I love these so much I ordered them for my next month’s box.  I can’t wait for NatureBox to offer a store so I can buy more of these.

Taj Mahal Snack Mix (3) 1/4 cup servings – Take your taste buds around the globe and back with smoky Indian curry, sweet mangoes, and nuts and seeds. Our favorite thing about this snack is the balance of chewy and crunchy textures and the unexpected but pleasant depth of flavors. —- I love Indian food and this snack has just the right hint of curry, not overpowering, but just right.  My hubby doesn’t like curry so I get to have this bag all to myself 🙂

Banana Bread Granola (2) 1/2 cup servings – Banana Bread may be the perfect breakfast treat but who has time for baking in the morning? Enjoy this granola with tangy Greek yogurt and a steaming cup of tea for a comforting but healthy breakfast. —- This snack brings me back to my younger days when my mom baked Banana bread – yummy!

Lemon Meringue Waffles (2) 22-piece servings – Satisfy your sweet tooth without stretching your waistband with these lacy waffles with just a hint of lemon zest. We can’t imagine afternoon tea without a few of these! —- This is probably my least favorite item in the box.  I’m sure most people will take no issue with these but, I am a HUGE lemon lover and these are just not lemony enough for me ;).

Whole Wheat Figgy Bars (5) 1-bar servings – With stone-ground wheat flour, low in fat, and sweetened with juicy figs and brown rice syrup, these Figgy Bars won’t spike your blood sugar or leave you feeling sluggish from too many processed ingredients. —- This item surprised me the most and largely why I want to continue with this box.  I can’t stand fig newtons so I didn’t really want to try these.  I figured my hubby would just eat them.  Well, I’m glad I tried them because I actually love them and will order them again.  Just goes to show me that properly made, natural products can and are better than the ones in our common grocery store aisles.

So, all in all, I am so in LOVE with this subscription.  I have no hesitation in continuing with it and plan to keep NatureBox for a long time.  They have a great selection of tasty and healthy treats.  Because they add new products every new month, I won’t get bored even if I do keep this box for a long time.  The regular price for 5 snacks bags in $19.95 and absolutely worth it!  They also have a 10 bag box for $29.95 and I think I will upgrade to this.  I want more of these yummy snacks and will save $10/month that way!  Totally impressed, NatureBox.