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Stork Stack – May 2013 (9-month old girl)


Hi fellow subscription box “addicts”.  Stork Stack was my very 1st subscription box I ever received.  Even though I was personally disappointed with this box, I loved the idea of subscription boxes each month and ordered more, just different companies.  Stork Stack is a monthly subscription for babies and toddlers and costing $27.99/month.  Unfortunately they do not offer any discounts for signing up for longer subscriptions like a lot of the boxes out there.

I apologize for the poor picture of the overall box and for using stock photos for some of the items.  I got this box before I started this blog so didn’t think to take pictures.  I already gave a few of the items away so I need to use stock pictures.

All retail prices listed are from Amazon, when available.  If not available through Amazon I used pricing on the company’s website.


The items came wrapped in very cute tissue paper with red storks on it.  Again, apologies for not having the paper anymore to take a photo.  At the time I received this box I had no idea of the blog journey I would embark on.

Here is what was in the box:

1.  Rubbabu Education Ball (Retail $6.95) – While this is cute my opinion is that balls are a dime a dozen and I can get them almost anywhere.  When I signed up for subscription boxes, I was most excited at the opportunity to try items I hadn’t seen before.  Sadly, this ball falls short of that for me.


2.  Stephen Joseph Owl Bank (Retail $6.99) – This is also very cute but pretty impractical, sadly.  I would love a cute bank for my granddaughter and owls are part of her nursery theme but this bank is so tiny I doubt it will hold more than a few dollars.  I am keeping it and will put it in her room at our house. But, I’ll be looking for another bank to hold more.  Stephen Joseph has a ton of very cute items on their website.  I wish Stork Stack had selected another item.


3.  North American Bear Company Stuffed Rabbit (Retail $9.10) – This Rabbit is very cute and oh-so soft.  My problem with this item is, very much like the ball, it’s just another stuffed animal and little ones have so many of those already.  In terms of receiving unique items I haven’t seen before, this one also fails that criteria.


4.  Deep Steep Moisture Stick in Passion Fruite/Guava (Retail $5.99) – I actually received one of these in a box from another company and do like it.  I suffer from occasional dry skin and like that this slips easily into my purse.


5.  The last item I received was Dapple Dish Liquid, 3 ounces (Retail $1.24) – I like the idea of not using chemicals for my granddaughters bottles, nipples, binkies etc.  It’s also the perfect size for the diaper bag.


The total value of this box was $30.25.  Yes, that’s more than the $27.99/month cost but not, exactly, a great value in my eyes.

I was very disappointed with this box and canceled my subscription after receiving it.  I have read positive reviews on Stork Stack in the past and seen some great boxes.  Perhaps, I’ll give them another try later on down the road.  I have purchased several other baby boxes and want to see them before making that decision.  At this point, I am having a hard time paying for this box.  Perhaps, I can work with Stork Stack to give them another try.  Like I said, I heard such great reviews on Stork Stack so, I was surprised.  Maybe I’ll reach out to them and see if they offer a blogger package so I can give them another try and do another review.