BikeLoot Review – June 2013 & Discount Code


BikeLoot is a new company, their Facebook page indicates they began in 2013.  BikeLoot Box is a monthly subscription that has your cycling lifestyle covered. BikeLoot sends you 5-7 of the top cycling industry product samples, like gels, bars, hydration, and maintenance, every month for ONLY $10/month.

If you’re interested in purchasing BikeLoot for you, or as a gift, use this code for 50% off your 1st box:  CRAZY4LOOT   Expires 7/12/13

When I saw this box, I immediately thought of my hubby who, I think, may be addicted to cycling.  I am very envious that he seems to be one of those people who enjoys exercise in any form.  He generally does at least one fitness activity per day, most of the time two.  I don’t mind exercise.  To me it is a means to an end.  He seems to live for his 100 mile century bike rides.  I call him crazy but he thinks he is perfectly normal.  Probably, in the fitness circles he rides with, he is.  His next crazy thing could be the Iron Man triathalon next November in Cozumel Mexico.  I think the idea of swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles and running 26.2 miles in one day is pure insanity.  Not to mention we will miss, my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  I love everything about Thanksgiving and would be sad to miss it.  We will just have to celebrate Thanksgiving a week late.  No biggie.  I am 100% supportive of him doing the Iron Man.  Why?  Because I am just that kind of wife?  Well, yes but, not exactly.  The idea of sitting on a beautiful Mexican beach listening to the waves crash in sounds so nice!

I was excited when BikeLoot agreed to send me a box to review.  Right now I will do the unboxing and show you everything we got.  As my hubby uses these items I will update all of you on his impressions.

I must admit I was expecting to get a box full of supplements, gels etc even though their website describes more.  I was a little skeptical.  So after opening it I was pleased to see other types of items.

Here is what the box looks like.  My husband was a little disappointed by the small size, especially compared to a lot of the other boxes I get.  But, since they’re cycling samples, I wasn’t surprised.



They send a nice postcard sized card stock explaining all the products and where you can find them.  I was a little disappointed that only 1 company lists a discount for BikeLoot customers.  I am hoping that, as BikeLoot develops more vendor relationships, they’ll be able to offer more discounts.  It’s great to be able to get a discount off the products you love in the box.


And here is what it looks like inside:


1. Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets, 1 tablet (Retail $1.20) – I was very happy to see this product because water bottles do really get gross after a while and aren’t always easy to get totally clean.  If these work, I will definitely buy more.


2. Extreme Chain Lube .5 ounce (Retail $1.50) My hubby does use chain lube regularly but it is always great to try new brands.  I’ll let you know what he thinks once he uses it.


3.  Surface Sun Systems Sunscreen .25 ounces (Retail $0.75)  My hubby doesn’t really use sunscreen though, as much as he is outside, he should.  Maybe I can get him to try it for review purposes.  Otherwise I will end up using it.


4.  (2) Body Glove Surge energy gels 1.05 ounces each (Total Retail $4.78) – My hubby uses several other energy gels but it’s always great to try other brands.  These gels are a must for any type of endurance activities.  I know when I ran the marathon these were very much needed.  I will update you on how he likes these ones.  He’s not the chocolate fan of the house.  He tends to get fruity gels but he will try them for me.  I need to review them after all 😉


5.  Cremo Company Shaving Cream 1 ounce (Retail $1.73) – Last weekend, my hubby went on a training swim with a friend who’s prepping for a triathlon soon and while they were getting ready we actually had the discussion about to shave or not to shave (and for those not familiar we are not talking about their faces).  Hubby doesn’t and he wonders does it really take off time?  Maybe he will give this a try.  If not his friend will certainly be able to use this.


6.  Body Glide Chamois Glide .45 once (Retail $6.00) – Another conversation we had very recently – the special needs men have to prevent chafing in all the wrong areas ;).  We have both used Body Glide before.  It came in especially handy when I did the marathon.  It saved the day!  But this product is uniquely geared (don’t pardon the pun) to cyclists.  A great idea!


** The total retail value of this box is $15.96 so definitely worth the $13.99 cost ($10 + $3.99 shipping).  My only criticism is that most of the samples we received were very small, the kind I can get from just about any company by emailing them for samples.  I like when subscription boxes send samples that are different and/or larger than I can get myself.  After all I am paying for the box.  On the other hand, subscription boxes are all about discovery and surprise.  It is nice to learn about new products and brands.  If you don’t know a product or brand exists, you can’t contact them for free samples.  So, all in all, glad we got what we did :).  Lastly, I would like to see a greater retail value.  I am sure that, as BikeLoot expands their vendor relationships, they will offer an increased overall value.  That said, would I buy this box?  Yes, I think this would make a great gift for cycling enthusiasts!

Even though I did receive this free trial box from Bike Loot, my opinions are not influenced by the free products and I would never recommend anything to anyone that I would not, myself, use or that I felt was not worth spending your money on.


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  1. Thanks for the review! We love your honesty and your husband’s willingness to try new things…because the BikeLoot Box is all about trying new things. We loved the pictures and can’t wait for next month.

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